Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Got Married: Eunjung & Jangwoo AKA WooJung couple!

We Got Married is a variety show were the guests & the host find celebrities and put them together to show them what life like a married couple would be like! *these people are not actually getting married in reality!*

Recently, this couple was introduced to We Got Married (WGM) not too long ago! The newly-wed couple are two years apart and find out that they go to the same University! In my opinion, they are SO ADORABLE! Out of all the ones I've seen, THIS COUPLE IS THE BEST. Jangwoo(24), the husband & actor, is very sweet, romantic, creative, and charismatic! Eunjung(22), the wife,singer,and dancer, is energetic and funny!

so far, this couple has made me laugh, squeel, and other things girls do when they see a cute couple do something ADORABLE!

you have to see what happened when they first met and found out who their spouse was! IT IS SO ADORABLE. 

They're soooooo CUTE, aren't they? (:
for more pictures & information on this couple, check out my tumblr URL on the top left of my blogspot page. :D 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay. So I started watching this Taiwanese drama called "Autumns Concerto" & IT IS THE BEST DRAMA I'VE EVER SEEN. Their songs have that appeal to emotion even though I can't understand it & just moves me.. I LOVE THE DRAMA. It's so UNPREDICTABLE.


PS - Pleaseee watch the drama, you won't regret it. ;P 

Monday, March 14, 2011

BoA ( Korean artist ) = DANCING QUEEN.

So, this Korean artist BoA created her first album here in America 2 years ago & I just checked this MV out just a few days ago. It's sooo GOOD. I want to dance just like her. Check it out!

BoA - Eat You Up

P.S. : If you don't like her dancing, THEN YOU HAVE NO TASTE. Just kidding. :P I'll still think that something is wrong with you if you don't like her dancing though.. >.> 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've been in the Asian Pop Industry....

LOL. What I mean is that I've been checking out more of Asian Pop songs! From Thailand, China (Mandarin), Japan, and the Philippines! ahaa. I gave up KPOP for Lent (if you know what that is..) & to get that off my mind, I checked out the KPOP groups with their singles in Hong Kong & Tokyo [and somehow ended up with Thai & Mandarin].. Check it out! It's actually REALLY GOOD. :D

Thai pop:
Unexpected - SWEE:D

Sad Scene - SWEE:D 

Stop it - SWEE:D

Blinded - FFK

Philippine Pop: 

True Love - Pop Girls 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Is My Reply of the Civil Rights Movement & Malcolm X..

Well, my reply of the Civil Rights Movement is that it's wrong for people of different color to be segregated & they should be integrated because it is a form of racism and offends people.In my point of view, It wasn't fair that a lot of the white people got to do things that the colored people couldn't. All people should be equal to do the exact same thing. As citizens, we should be united in one so we can be good friends to one another & forget the past. We should learn to love other people of different color because they were created by God; like He created us! God loves all of us equally, so we should learn to love everyone like he does with us. Even though there was hatred back in the earlier days, we are now in peace & happiness together.

As for Malcolm X, he said that the religion Islam instilled African Americans' rights.It was weird that during his lifetime, he kept converting to new Christianity. Basically, to me, what he means to say is to never judge anyone with whatever their beliefs are. He's went through his hard times throughout his childhood; which is his father killed by the KKK, his mother in a mental hospital, and moved to a foster home as for himself. He also was the only colored kid in his class and dreamed to be a lawyer, but his teacher said it wasn't possible for colored people and gave him suggestions like working in a factory, plummer, etc. And because of that, he dropped out of school, but still learned. During his childhood, he would steal things just to live and ended up being in jail for a long time. But, when he got out, he fought back by telling everyone what he believed in; and he was SUCCESSFUL.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All I Got To Say Is..

THIS JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE "NEVER SAY NEVER" IS A REALLY GOOD MOVIE! I mean, I got the Bieber fever, but not as much as the girls that actually obsess over him like they're his FOREVER. ahaa. But my point is that this movie gave me goosebumps & every time he would sing in a concert, I seriously felt like jumping out of my seat cheering Justin Bieber on like I was actually there. LOL. It is GOOD. I can't believe I took it for granted when I first heard about it.

P.S.: My 3-year-old nephew & 30-year-old-sister persuaded me to watch this. REALLY BIG FANS; and yet their persuasion worked. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The most DISGUSTING candy I have ever eaten!
It's Durian candy called Neneng. The WORST. I found it in the pantry today and tried it.. It's not the type of taste you would want dancing in your tastebuds. GROSS. I even asked my mom why she even has it if she hates it! She said it came from the Philippines and how Filipinos love it and all that crap.

Well, decision is that 3 out of 4 people people hate the candy (me, mom & brother).
Majority WINS.
*PS - Someone was smart enough to throw it in the trash. That someone was me. -.-