Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Got Married: Eunjung & Jangwoo AKA WooJung couple!

We Got Married is a variety show were the guests & the host find celebrities and put them together to show them what life like a married couple would be like! *these people are not actually getting married in reality!*

Recently, this couple was introduced to We Got Married (WGM) not too long ago! The newly-wed couple are two years apart and find out that they go to the same University! In my opinion, they are SO ADORABLE! Out of all the ones I've seen, THIS COUPLE IS THE BEST. Jangwoo(24), the husband & actor, is very sweet, romantic, creative, and charismatic! Eunjung(22), the wife,singer,and dancer, is energetic and funny!

so far, this couple has made me laugh, squeel, and other things girls do when they see a cute couple do something ADORABLE!

you have to see what happened when they first met and found out who their spouse was! IT IS SO ADORABLE. 

They're soooooo CUTE, aren't they? (:
for more pictures & information on this couple, check out my tumblr URL on the top left of my blogspot page. :D 

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